10 Amazing Tips for Quick Lose Weight

10 Amazing Tips for Quick Lose Weight

Whichever diet and weight loss program you choose, there are a few simple tips that you should follow to maximize your efforts. Burning fat can be very easy if you implement these tips with your existing weight loss plan.

More Meals, Smaller Portions

You’ve probably heard all your life to eat three square meals a day. This is the worst thing you can do when you’re attempting to lose weight! Most physicians believe that six small meals a day is the most effective way of helping your body maximize it’s metabolic efforts. The body can only metabolize a certain amount, and the rest is stored as fat. When you eat a large meal, a lot of it simply turns to fat. So, you can see that six small meals spaced evenly throughout the day can help you feel full while also helping your body metabolize more efficiently.

Water, the key to life

Many people consider this a ‘secret’ to losing weight, but in truth it’s simply common sense! However, most people fail to drink as much water as they should, instead they go straight for the sodas and sugar-laden drinks. This will absolutely destroy any effort you put into losing weight. Water is virtually calorie free and does so many positive things for your body! If you can’t stand to drink plain water, try some sugar-free Crystal Light, which makes plain water taste like your favorite sugar-filled beverage.

Get your protein

Protein-rich foods help your body burn fat more quickly, and boosts your metabolism. Protein also helps rebuild your muscles after a strenuous workout. Make sure you find sources of protein with little or no fat, as this can also defeat your efforts.

Cut calorie intake

Most people tend to drastically drop their calorie intake when they start a diet, but this can actually harm more than it helps. Your body can go into ‘hoard’ mode and lower your metabolism, making it even harder to lose weight. Make sure you lower your calorie intake gradually. This way, you’re more likely to lose weight in a healthy way which will help you keep it off.

Weightlifting can make a difference

With weight training, you can boost your metabolism even further. Weights add an element of resistance to your workout, which will help you burn fat more quickly. Using weights in your workout strengthens your body, improves your overall health.

Don’t workout too much

This may sound counterproductive, but many people try to have an intense workout followed by inactivity. Instead of doing this, exercise in short bursts throughout the day. This will keep your metabolism up, and prevent exhaustion. When you find some free time, do some light exercise to keep you going.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

If you stick to a diet very strictly and never allow yourself any indulgences, you will find it much harder to stay with it. Also, if you try to completely suppress your urge for a bite of chocolate, you’ll find yourself cheating and overindulging. Give yourself a reward for a job well done. If sweets are your thing, enjoy a small bite of candy in the evening.

Try a diet with a low glycemic index

The glycemic index (GI) describes a food’s effect on our blood sugar. Some meats, fruits, vegetables, grain, and dairy products have a low GI, which will help your body burn calories faster. A diet including foods with a low glycemic index will give you all the nutrition you need to follow through with your weight loss plan.

Variety is the answer

If you do the same exercises everyday, you’ll soon get bored with the whole routine and will find it much harder to stick to your plan. Spice it up! Try a variety of different workouts and you’ll find new exciting exercises as well as affecting more muscle groups! Apply this with your foods, too. Don’t eat the same foods everyday, instead try different healthy meals.

Alcohol is your enemy

Alcohol is high in sugar and carbs, and is absolutely full of empty calories. If you drink often, you’ll have a much harder time losing weight. Alcohol also lessens the body’s ability to burn fat, and your body will store much more of it.

With these tips, you should be on your way to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in no time! Good luck!

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