20-Minute Boxing Workout to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

20-Minute Boxing Workout to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

So, you need to burn some calories and tone up, and you need to do it quickly? Give this 20-minute boxing workout a shot. It’s a simple workout that almost anyone can do no matter what fitness level they are. The things I love about this workout are that it is fun, it only takes 20 minutes to complete, and it burns fat and builds muscle at the same time. It’s also great for building up your cardiovascular and anaerobic endurance.

To do this workout you will need a stopwatch with an interval timer and a heavy bag. If you don’t have an interval timer, there are plenty of free ones you can use online – just perform a search for “interval timer.” If you don’t have a heavy bag or access to one, you can shadow box, but the workout won’t be as intense or quite as effective as actually punching a bag.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Set an interval timer for 1-minute intervals.
  2. Start off with 1 minute of boxing. You can punch, kick, knee, elbow, etc… it doesn’t matter; just stay active on the bag for 1 minute.
  3. When the timer beeps, take a step back and do 30 jumping jacks, then drop to the ground and do as many pushups as you can until the timer beeps again.
  4. Repeat.

Basically, you’re doing 1 minute of boxing followed by approximately 30 seconds of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of pushups. You want to keep this up for 20 minutes (10 2-minute rounds). Boxing is a pretty good cardio workout by itself but when you throw the jumping jacks in with it, it really gets your heart pumping fast. The pushups only compound this and give you an added muscle building benefit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this, either. You can sub out pushups for squats, or jumping jacks for mountain climbers, etc… I’m sure you get the idea.

If you’re not used to doing this type of workout, you may not be able to get through the whole 20 minutes your first time without taking a few breaks. That’s OK. The most important thing is that you do what you can and you don’t cheat yourself.

As always, consult your physician before attempting this workout or any new exercise plan. If you have a heart condition, you definitely need to talk to your doctor before attempting this workout.

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