4 Diet Foods That Make You Feel Full

4 Diet Foods That Make You Feel Full

The only way you can lose weight through dieting is by eating fewer calories, which means you’ll probably have to eat less than what you’re used to. So, it’s no surprise that people who are trying to lose weight often complain that they don’t feel full. An easy way to avoid this problem is by eating foods that will trick your body into feeling more full than it actually is. Here are four foods that are both healthy and filling:


Apples are fat free, low calorie and loaded with dietary fiber. Dietary fiber improves your digestion, reduces your cholesterol and makes you feel full. According to one study, women who ate three apples or pears each day instead of three oatmeal cookies lost more weight. Alan Aragon, the author of “Girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain,” says foods that are crunchy make a person feel more full than other foods.


Eggs are the best source of protein according to the biological value (BV) chart, and protein is very filling. A study from the “International Journal of Obesity” found that people who ate two eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel lost more weight even though both foods have roughly the same amount of calories. The reason is because the people who ate eggs were more satisfied throughout the day.

Non-Starchy Vegetables

Non-starchy vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, and celery, are nutritious, fat free, low calorie, and fill you up… a lot. Just like apples, non-starchy vegetables are high in dietary fiber. It’s also virtually impossible to overeat them. Think about it this way: you could eat a whole bag of frozen vegetables and you still would only be eating about 200 to 300 calories, depending on the vegetable.


Almonds are relatively low-calorie for a nut and they’re also high in protein and dietary fiber. One ounce of almonds contains roughly 160 calories, plus 6 g of protein and 3 g of fiber. They’re also crunchy like apples. So, the next time you’re looking for something to snack on, grab a handful of almonds.

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