5 Best Step Workout DVDs

5 Best Step Workout DVDs

Step workouts are some of the best ways to get a total body workout, and the step is versatile. It can be used for aerobics, toning and strength training workouts. Curvy women who carry their weight in their thighs and buttock benefit from step workouts because they lift the butt and reduce sagging. However, in order to find good step workout DVDs, the instructors should be people who are experts in this form of exercise.

Gin Miller’s Everybody Step

It is no surprise that this is one of the top workout DVDs because Gin Miller is the woman who created step training in the 1980s. Thus, she knows all the basic moves needed for a good step workout, and she uses them in this beginner’s workout. People unfamiliar with step aerobics learn the basic moves and step terminology while burning fat. She gradually adds difficulty to her workout on this 56 minute DVD. At Collage Video, this step workout DVD costs $19.95.

Gin Miller’s Simply Step, Classic Moves

Gin Miller’s step aerobics DVDs should always be on lists of the top workout DVDs because she’s energetic as well as experienced. This simple workout DVD includes simple step combinations such as the up and down, V-step, straddle, step touch, and knee lifts. As she instructs exercisers, her voice and perkiness draws people. This intermediate/advanced, 63-minute workout costs $19.95 at Collage Video.

Shapely Girl-Let’s Go Stepping!

This is a beginner step workout DVD that specifically designed for plus-size women. People who are not drawn to workouts because they cannot relate the skinny workout instructors will like this DVD. Debra Mazda, the instructor, once weighed 310 pounds and now wears a size 12. Now, she’s creating workouts for real women. Mazda conducts a basic, 46-minute exercise routine and gives clear clues. In addition, none of her fellow exercisers are full-figured women. The step DVD includes a 15-minute tutorial and a 9-minute bonus toning workout. This DVD costs $19.95 at Collage Video.

Gin Miller’s Serious Strength

Gin Miller’s Serious Strength is a total body, toning step workout DVD and one of the top toning workout DVDs. This advanced workout works the entire body. The DVD includes a 19-minute upper body section, a 20-minute lower body section, a 5-minute combination section, and a 10-minute abs workout. The complete workout is 72 minutes long. Exercisers will need 3- to 10-lb dumbbells and a barbell. This workout DVD costs $19.95 at Collage Video.

The Firm: Advanced Cardio

The Firm is one of the top workout DVD programs for women. The workouts are designed to work common trouble areas of the body. The Firm step workouts have been my favorite programs since I was in my late teens. Lisa Kay, the instructor on this workout, speaks in a tone that is easy to understand as she guides people through the workout. This advanced, 30-minute workout includes jumps and lifts. Although The Firm has its own step, any aerobic step can be done with this workout. This workout costs $19.95 at Collage Video.

These are a few of the top workout DVDs for people who want to do step aerobics. Step aerobics is one of the best workouts increase strength and work areas of the body that are sometimes hard to maintain. The above-mentioned step workout DVDs are specifically designed for real women who want to maintain a regular workout routine.

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