Vitamins that Change Hair from Gray to Fabulous

Vitamins that Change Hair from Gray to Fabulous

Vitamins for hair; I’ve tried a lot of them hoping to get thicker, faster growing, shiny-soft glamorous hair. Some seemed to help, but wound up giving me faster growing nails. I never thought about vitamins or vitamin combinations that could let you say goodbye to gray hair. Dying hair does a lot of damage that isn’t apparent at first. It can make your hair fall out and make it look extremely dry and burned up. Gray hair comes early for some and the Adrenal Glands could very well be responsible. When the body is lacking in Pantothenic Acid it in turn causes the Adrenal Glands to malfunction.
Here’s what cold happen:

Hair turns gray, stress levels rise, allergies develop and can cause sore scratchy throats, and uneasy breathing, fatigue steps in, muscles lose strength, uric acid explodes, gout shows up, some forms of arthritis occur, and tempers flare.

If you go to the doctor for treatment of Adrenal Gland mishaps they might prescribe Cortisone not considering an overworked Adrenal gland to be the cause of any of the above problems. Healthy bodies produce Cortisone to fight stress. People who do not produce any Cortisone will pass out from a good scare because they can’t handle any stress. Abraham Lincoln was said to have taken Cortisone because his body couldn’t produce it. A swelled puffy face and facial hair in women are some of the side effects of Cortisone. All of that can be avoided by taking Pantothenic Acid and it won’t cause all the grueling side effects. You might want to consider that stress quickly depletes Pantothenic Acid from the body. If after a stressful situation you can calm down enough for stress levels to remain low the body can produce Pantothenic Acid in twenty-four hours.

Pantothenic Acid does more than keep the Adrenal Cortex safe from harm. It can thwart off Alzheimer’s by keeping cognitive abilities sharp. It maintains the water amount and digestive efficiency of our bodies and it guards against nerve deterioration.

Look for Pantothenic Acid in peanuts, liver, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, royal jelly, and egg yolks. Anywhere from five to 1000mg have been taken daily with no toxicity.

Para-Amino-Benzoic Acid or long for PABA is another B Vitamin said to change gray hair back to its natural color. PABA has been used to treat Vitiligo, a condition where patches of skin lose color. Lack of Hydrochloric Acid is thought to be another factor in which Vitiligo may emerge.

PABA is used in a variety of ways such as sunburn and cancer protection when topically applied. It has been used in the treatment of eczema and other skin eruptions.

PABA is found in eggs, molasses, whole-wheat. Brewer’s yeast, yogurt, liver, eggs, and milk. Raise the warning flags on taking too much PABA in supplement form for it may cause kidney, liver, and heart problems. 30mg of PABA seems to be a safe dose to take every day.

Biotin frequents multi-vitamins and hair, skin, and nail mixes. It is thought to restore health to hair. Certainly low levels of Biotin can make hair fall out, but so can stress. Check out this helpful B vitamin in rice, brewer’s yeast, soybeans, and liver.

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